Magic Carpet Sale!

Your literary magic carpet

Magic Carpet Sale!
Sheltering in place? Crazed with cabin fever? Tired of endless news stories about the plague? Ebisu Publications is having a special sale through the end of July–a literary magic carpet that will transport you to ancient and distant lands. Travel through the kingdoms of ancient Tyre (still part of Lebanon), Israel, Assyria (now Iraq), and Egypt; caravan with traders; wander with the matriarchal nomads of ancient Arabia. We’re selling our books way below cost, as a contribution to the community, to help people get through these troubled times. Buy some for yourself, give some to locked-in friends. $5 per book, plus $3 for shipping a single book and $4 for shipping the trilogy of all 3 books. For larger orders, please email in advance so we can calculate shipping costs.

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