Martha Shelley, author and gay rights activist

Martha Shelley, feminist author

Martha Shelley, feminist, researcher, and author of historical fiction.

Martha Shelley is one of the authors and owners of Ebisu Publications. She is a long-time political activist from Brooklyn. After the Stonewall Riot, she organized a protest march that morphed into today’s gay pride parades, and was one of the founders of the Gay Liberation Front. Her essays, poetry, and short stories have appeared in many anthologies. She has published four books of poetry, Crossing the DMZ, Lovers and Mothers, Haggadah, and Released From the Wheel; as well as the three novels of the Jezebel trilogy: The Throne in the Heart of the Sea, The Stars in Their Courses, and A Meteor Shower. She now lives in Portland, OR, and is passionate about social justice, dancing, and mango mousse cake.



Sylvia Allen, writer and urban farmer

Sylvia Allen

Sylvia Allen, fiction author and technical writer.

Sylvia Allen is one of the authors and owners of Ebisu Publications. She is the author of the forthcoming Like Light from Stars, a novel set in her home town, San Francisco. She is a technical writer who now lives in St. Johns, Portland, OR and has a large backyard farm. A member of Willamette Writers, she has published articles on very diverse subjects, including the design of online knowledge bases and how to communicate with people with advanced dementia. At various times in her life she has worked as a cutter in a garment factory, a meeting facilitator, a user interface designer, and a printing press operator for the International Workers of the World.

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