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Not a Wave, a Tsunami!—Part 6

Today we move on to looking at the situation for women in three non-Communist, non-Muslim Asian nations. I’ll consider Muslim countries separately, in another post. Philippines Although the Philippines is a majority Catholic country (78.8%), contraception is legal here. However, women almost never receive effective information about modern methods. For example, according to Nagai et […]

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Not a Wave, a Tsunami!—Part 5

Now we move on to Asia, excluding majority Muslim countries. (I’ll consider the Muslim world separately.) We have lots of ground to cover, so today’s post focuses on women’s situation in two nations with Communist governments. As with other areas of the world, the picture isn’t pretty but there have been some improvements over time. […]

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Not a Wave, a Tsunami!—Part 4

Today’s post will focus on the situation for women in sub-Saharan Africa. Reliable statistics regarding violence against women around the world are hard to come by, but especially in the so-called Third World, and impossible in war-torn places like Sudan, Ethiopia, or Congo. However, I’ll share what I have been able to find. Femicide vs. […]

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