Blood Sacrifice in Israel

DomeOfTheRockImageThirty years ago I visited Israel for the first time, partly to do research for my novels about Jezebel. In Jerusalem I passed a store window with small but colorful posters—artistic imaginings—of the ancient Temple, supposedly built by Solomon. The storefront was the information center of a religious group that wanted to tear down the Dome of the Rock—Islam’s third holiest shrine—and rebuild the ancient Jewish Temple, complete with animal sacrifices. “But if you try to do that,” I protested, “all the world’s Muslims in the world, over a billion of them, will declare war on Israel.”

“God will grant us the victory,” the woman behind the counter replied serenely.

At that time, I dismissed her group as a tiny cult, destined to become less than a footnote in the history of a modern state. But this month the Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz published two articles discussing the project of rebuilding the Temple. Apparently there are significant numbers of Israelis, including political and religious leaders, who intend to do just that. According to the November 29th article, a rebuilt temple would mean the end of modern Judaism and any pretense of Western liberal democracy: “…control [would be] in the hands of a priestly caste that is centered not around schools of Torah study but around one temple; one that does not pray but sacrifices animals, does not seek God in holy actions and at holy times, but at one special holy site.”

So, a hereditary priesthood and bloody animal sacrifices. And quite possibly a man (certainly not a woman) claiming descent from King David would be chosen as monarch. Many Zionists argue that Jews have a right to all the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean. This is appalling enough, but the Temple rebuilders take it even further. They think they are entitled to re-establish the legendary empire of Solomon. It supposedly extended all the way to the Euphrates, encompassing a large chunk of what is now Syria.

I wonder how much bloody human sacrifice—soldiers and civilians—they will tolerate in attempting to achieve their goals.


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2 Responses to Blood Sacrifice in Israel

  1. chaia December 1, 2014 at 3:19 pm #

    The “blood sacrifice” people in Israel are no more credible than Fred Phelps was in the U.S. Why bring up the crazies when there are people who are really trying to figure out how to resolve the Palestine/Israel problem? No one is doing any sacrificing now and It probably won’t happen, so why frighten people?

  2. Martha Shelley December 2, 2014 at 4:30 pm #

    Or course nobody is conducting animal sacrifices in Israel now, nor are they likely to. But from what I’ve read, the crazies are gaining strength and they are willing to undertake extreme actions like bombing or assassinations in order to further their cause. They are as dangerous to any democratic future for Israel as the extreme Christian fanatics are to democracy in the U.S. And both American and Israeli policies seem to require the sacrifice of human beings. This is the blood sacrifice I was referring to. For example, I have no idea how many hundreds of thousands of Iraqis the U.S. has killed, but instead of bringing us peace and security, it has created enemies like ISIS.

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