The Day I Turned 30

December 27, 1973—my 30th birthday. It was partly cloudy, quite balmy for Manhattan in winter. I’d been living in what the previous tenant had called a “squalorific slum apartment” on the Lower East Side, paying $75 a month in rent and working part-time to support my political work—which in that year consisted of producing the […]

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An Upcoming Reading–and a Good Review

If you’re in the San Francisco Bay Area, please come to my reading: Date: Saturday, November 16 Time: 1-3 pm Place: 163 Alhambra St., San Francisco CA Refreshments will be served. Good literature (even if I say so myself), good company, and good eats! My latest book, A Meteor Shower, was recently reviewed in Philadelphia Gay News and […]

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Why Buy Books?

Books are more important than ever in times like these—times of “alternative facts” spouted by government propagandists, as well as accusations of “fake news” when a journalist’s report contradicts the canonical story. In this post I want to write about why we might want to keep our own libraries—books printed on paper, on shelves in […]

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A Meteor Shower: Reading at Two Rivers Bookstore

Y’all come! I’m reading from my most recent historical novel, A Meteor Shower, at Two Rivers Bookstore, 8836 N Lombard St, Portland OR. The action starts on Sunday, September 8, from 2-4 pm: love and chariot warfare in the ancient Middle East, kings and queens, peasants and prophets. Below are some comments from reviewers, and […]

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Lies, Myths, and Stonewall

    Eyewitnesses often can’t agree on events that happened yesterday, let alone 50 years ago—like the Stonewall Riots. Inevitably, some nations, interest groups, and individuals attempt to shape the narrative to promote their own agendas. They glorify their achievements, gloss over their misdeeds, and disparage or even omit the real achievements of others. When […]

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