A Meteor Shower


The third in the series by Martha Shelley.

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In this third book of the Jezebel trilogy, Tamar steals away from Shomron and crosses the desert to find and ransom Bez in Assyria. While passing through war-ravaged lands she meets a child orphaned by the retreating army and buys her, changing both of their lives forever.

Jezebel grieves the loss of father, husband, and son, and then an unexpected relationship brings her new life and joy. Elijah passes the mantle of prophecy to his disciple Elisha, who vows to complete the work the master began—but at what cost? Yoram, now king of Israel, fulfills his father’s dream of recapturing a lost territory, but finds that his invincible Captain Jehu is a two-edged sword.

Our characters’ lives are braided together as they struggle to survive wars and sieges, drought and epidemic, and one final, fiery summer.


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