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Bread, Blood, Oil, and Gall

The Arrogance of Empire All empires commit the same crimes. These include torturing and murdering groups or individuals that resist domination, and theft of other people’s resources to enrich the emperor and upper classes. They also have in common overweening arrogance. In this post I’ll consider the empire of which I am a disaffected citizen […]

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Under the Knife

In a patriarchal society, how far will women go to get men’s attention and approval? How much of their own flesh will they sacrifice, how much of their daughters’ flesh? In some countries and at various times, these sacrifices have included the crippling procedure known as foot binding; female genital mutilation: surgically removing lower ribs […]

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My Lack of Nostalgia

A brilliant article by Phyllis Chesler brings me to this topic. “Nostalgia for the Slaughterhouse” talks about romanticization of the Jewish shtetls, via the musical Fiddler on the Roof. Chesler wonders why modern American Jews, particularly those coming from Eastern European backgrounds, fall in love with this sentimental picture of our ancestors’ lives, when the […]

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